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Originally Posted by simmmo View Post
Sunday afternoon re painting the targets, made what we do make sense. Whoever your invisible friend is whatever your own personal goal is remember you are in the woods and fields shooting Tin Chickens. The bloke on the peg next to you he just likes the craic so maybe he just makes up the numbers but he probably has a better laugh than you, takes pleasure in the ones he knocks down and forgets the one he or she misses.

Everyones Invisible Friend decided it wouldn't be safe to shoot Monday but big thanks to Greg, Kieran and crew for Alpha on Sunday really enjoyed the challenge.

And congratulations to all the class winners and to Simon on his place in history.

Not forgetting the organisers who had some hellish problems to solve. I think they got it right.


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A well thought out post Andy, full of common sense ................who wrote it for you?

(Well done on the rifle win, you put a lot into HFT, about time you got somethimg out)
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