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Originally Posted by MickyFinn View Post
In my stash of nearly empty tins I've found die39 & 27 from 2009 + so.e die34 from 2010 (that pre date the "good" die34 jsb's). Also got some die 17 from 2012. In the daystate select tins there's only die 10 or 11. Found some of the old style beige tin AA fields but the number system on the back is different on those.
That's really interesting about your 2009 die 34 AA's. I've got a tin of 2013 die 34 JSB's here (marked as 4.52) and there's a current batch of AA die 34's available from Solware at the moment. So what happened? did AA own die 34 in 2009, give it up in 2013, then buy it again in 2016?

Yup I've also got some Daystate Selects marked as die 10 from 2007 and another tin from 2008 (both marked up as 4.51 I think)
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