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Originally Posted by DEAN C. View Post
Also, I think that anyone that has measured them knows, that if you buy a tin of 4.51 or 4.52 it doesn't mean anything other than they are .177, I purely go on die number and date now.
Yup I'm a firm believer in that after I measured quite a few different batches with a "PelletGage" and found the head size on the bottom of the tin to just be pretty much a random number with no real meaning.

A pellet from a tin marked 4.51 can be bigger or smaller than a pellet from a tin marked 4.53. You can't even say that on average 4.53 pellets have a bigger head size than pellets from a tin of 4.51.

Interestingly... these batch numbers were available from Olga last month...

16060015 1 (marked as 4.51)
16070015 3 (marked as 4.52)

Same die, same year - different batch - different head size marked on the tin. Explain that?
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