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Originally Posted by Capt View Post
I have some dated 2015 in 4.51 that are Die 34 & are 6.24mm long, I also have Die 2 dated 2015 that are 6.0mm long, both have different fps through the same gun. I over heard Manchester Air Guns last year telling a customer AA own there own dies & have 11.
hmm.. yeah it seems a bit suspicious to me - dunno about the rest of you, but if I owned 11 dies, I'd probably number them 1 - 11

Or I might reset the numbers for different head sizes.. I'm struggling to see the logic in owning 11 dies and assigning them seemingly random numbers like die 31 or die 34 etc.

I've heard that before - that they own their own dies, but the source of that information is someone trying to justify to me why I should pay more for their pellets.

Perhaps JSB have say 50 dies in service at any one time and AA just say ok.. we want the rights to everything produced from die 34, 31, 9, 7 etc etc..

So it would be interesting to hear what die numbers you've got of AA and Daystate pellets. Wouldn't it be interesting if there was for example an AA pellet marked as die 34, and also a JSB Exact marked as die 34 as well.

If anyone has some AA's / Daystates from 2016 - what die numbers are on the tin?
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