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Default Rebranded JSB's - dedicated dies or pot luck?

We all know that JSB make pellets that are resold as something else - Air Arms Field Target / Daystate Sovereign etc.

If you speak to those companies they often tell you that although JSB make their pellets, they actually have their own dedicated dies.

I don't know if that's true or not ( I take what a sales/marketing person tells me with a large pinch of salt because I'm a cynical old git )

I've only bought JSB Exacts for the last few years, but I do have an old tin of AA's and they were marked up as :
Die 31, 4.51, 2012

Just wondering... if they have their own dies how many do they have? - if they've marked up my old tin as die 31 - does that mean they have at least 31 dies? or do they just buy the exclusive rights to a few dies out of the current crop of JSB dies. I've never seen a die higher than 48 for any JSB and I've seen pellets from a different year with the same die number with a very different design, so I'm assuming that JSB swap dies from time to time and but keep the die number. So die 34 from 2013 might look very different from die 34 from 2016 for example.

So.... If you've bought any AA Fields or Daystate Sovereigns recently, what die/year/head size does it say on the bottom of the tin?
The first number on the top left is the die number, the year should be obvious and so should the head size.
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