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Been there-done that! NOT worth the headache.

it's very difficult to set up the single reg as you really need a reg checker, and it's not as straight foward as it looks, after several days of trying different combination with the bevillelle washer's I could only manage to get it to run at 10 fpe, handed it over to Vince Blackman (who has the patient of a saint!) Who spent a further 12hrs setting it up, (measuring the thickness of each washer) managed to get it running at 11.4fpe but it would only stay like that for a week or two and then either a seal would fail, or the power would drop.
After about 9 months of persevering I gave up and put a new twin reg back on, cheap enough from Gremany and far less of a pain in the A##

Steyr Hunter HFT/ HW 100 barrel + s111 & SS buttplate. HW100Kt+ SWFA ss 10x42......Shooting HFT for MVAC.

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