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Originally Posted by Pompey1 View Post
agreed that bravo course was a nightmare
Does anybody know how many of the top ten shot Alpha? We all love stats..let's have some if you have them. I could read the shooters list then cross refrence with the scores then......zzzzzzzzz..Yawn etc. Ironically I had a better laugh with some Scots lads on the next lane than I did with my own shoot partners. happened to bump into them at services on the way home, I was complaining about having paid 85 per night lodging and how poor the room was and how long my drive was. They told me they'd slept in a tent and had a drive of some SIX HOURS!! Obviously I felt a bit of a tit...sorry lads. Great shoot, couple of pegs at the World HFT Championship plinking range wouldn't have gone a miss like.....Plink target ranges are also fairly common practice, but hey let's not nit pick eh/ Where do I get my 12:50 change???
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