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The first order, due in next week is just short of 3000 tins.

There will be no rationing, as I can get these on my doorstep within the week from Czech Republic, and will be getting regular orders anyhow.

I've asked for a split across 4 batch numbers to begin with (in the 4.52), and can request more of the same batch number if you find a batch you like.

Also if you have a batch you bought fairly recently, I can find out if they have more of it in stock and order if required.

Anyone who fancies the short trip to Belfast on the boat can pick them up and the price will be reduced accordingly. Obviously this will only be cost effective for larger orders or group buys.

As you can see from the prices I'm advertising, I'm not planning this in the short term and charging the earth, I want to make this a long-term volume operation where the pellets are supplied at a fair price.
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