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Originally Posted by vinny View Post
For what its worth , I had a recent shoot where there was a supported stander within 8 foot of an elevated new 18 inch peg , this may have been 45 degrees or close but as the persons rifle was effectively pointing upwards and towards the stander , way too close for comfort for our group, especially as there were obstructions on the elevated shot where people were shuffling on the peg with a loaded rifle to avoid a doughnut ,
I, m sure the setters would NEVER intentionally done this but we declined to take our shot while the elevated one was in progress,
These guidelines are done as far as I, m aware as a safety thing and should be carefully looked at , just take it as a reasonable piece of feedback , we all want to feelsafe whilst enjoying ourselves , ive pointed out a few issues like this before and I would like to think ive done someone a favour by avoiding a possible accident, as far as I, m aware I havent been critised for it, you may find the closer the pegs the more cause for concern,
one further point, 45 degrees from either peg causes 90 deg between lanes at the target ,, if your not carefull at certain ranges you can get splashed by lead coming off the target at 90 degrees from the target, I experienced this wherei thought something fell out a tree on my head , never gave it much thought untill my partner went down to his scope and got stung on his cheek, this particular situation occured from a target probably 20 yds away

very descent of you to point these things out i do hope which ever club you shot this at you made it known to the organisers when you were there and not just on the comp

v/c cambs hft
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