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Default Cambridge HFT march 26th

Cambridge HFT March 26th 2016

After the glorious sunshine of yesterday it was to be expected that todays conditions would be somewhat...turbulent. Squally showers (or aggressive drizzle) and gale force winds bowling across the fields. All helping to prepare us for the inimitable Easter Bank Holiday weather at the Worlds over the next two days.
We were delighted to welcome back our friends from the Czech, Dutch and Belgian National teams, but as we all struggled to keep hold of our hats and rangemats todays shoot quickly became the “Edmondsons Versus Europe” event; check out those scores!!! Huge congratulations to Steve and Charlotte, we hope you can replicate the success this weekend!

Good luck to all at Kelmarsh this weekend and we’ll see you all back for the next club shoot on April 10th.

Steve Edmondson 57
Simon Jones 53
Ladislav Pusztai 52
Colin Wilson 51
Victor Houdek 50
Richard Bailey 49
Ralph Presland 49
Ray Hampton 48
Nigel Fleet 48
Jakub Vicher 47
Jiri Kremlacek 47
Jakub Bradac 47
Steve Willingham 46
Dusan Mandat 46
Michal Indruch 45
Vaclav Sejpka 45
Rosta Novak 45
Josef Zicha 45
Leon Peute 44
Michal Kraus 44
Peter Van Walravef 44
Frederik Lemmens 44
Paul Burt 43
Erik Vonderwarth 43
Glen Pickard 43
Olda Simcik 42
Libor Suhajda 42
Andy Ireland 42
Martina Krausova 42
Clive Presland 42
Petr Vavra 41
Simon Eley 41
John Muller 41
Martin Janda 40
Alex Honeywell 40
Peter Van Gemert 39
Gordon Smith 38
Ruud Wolf 38
Marcela Bolkova 38
Ralph Currie 38
Mark McCarthy 38
Thierry Welle 38
Steve Hermitage 38
Wayne Pearce 38
Dave Sainty 38
Jan Rijneveld 36
Martin Slane 36
John Osmond 36
Rene Onderdelinden 34
Ludvik Janko 32
Ondrej Kramous 32
Scott Coe 34
Pavel Marhoun 30
Susan Marhoun 29
Rick Kenealy 27
Graham Mason DNF
Mick Salmon DNF

Charlotte Edmondson 51
Becky Rawlings 49
Marta Ruzickova 48
Anne Higgins 45
Ingrid Van Gemert 38
Joanne Cogger 35

Steve Youngs 46
Matt Mosely 45
Jeff Westley 45
Matt Rawlings 41
Steve Martin 40
James Free 38
Piers Honeywell 37
Justin Rhone 37
Chris Wells 36

Dan Measures 44
Rex Bennett 42
Stu Deeks 40
Jake Day 38
Phil Russell 38
Stuart Smart 28

Kev Turner 43
Dave George 41
Keith Warburton 40
Alan Measures 33

Tom Willingham 45
Olly Fleet 42
Radek Slevinsky 35
Tobias Marhoun 28
Joe Sharman 20
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