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Are these rules to be all to be applied in this years' worlds?

In that case I have found a couple of rules that are not in line with the WFTF Core Rules which I would like to point out if I may.

1.) 11.4 in the Hungarian Rules state that maximum amount of targets to be assigned in each lane is 4 yet the WFTF Core Rules state a maximum of 3 targets per lane.

2.) 13.1 in the Hungarian Rule Book state that a target should be visible from at least ONE shooting position but the WFTF Core Rules state that a target should be visible from ALL shooting positions.

3.) The Hungarian Rule Book states that targets can be set at distance between 7m and 50m. WFTF Core rules does not state the minimum and maximum distances the targets should be set but as you all might know, most if not all FT scopes do not parallax down to less than 9-10m, making a 7m or 8m target quite a challenge with a 15mm kill zone. Maybe the minimum target distance could be raised to 9m or 10m. Just my opinion of course as nothing regarding distances is mentioned in the WFTF Core rules.

Please correct me if I am wrong in any of my statements as I stand to be corrected of course
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