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Unless you have a trigger finger like a pornstar's willy then the inlet to determine where the second finger sits seems too low. So if that inletting is higher then the trigger finger should line up better and you could probably lose more off the bottom of the pistol grip.

It's a compromise in HFT.

You have the butt quite high and almost in line with the bore. That's great for classic prone. You also have the adjustable butt pad high ... again great for classic prone.

The problem is most shooters don't shoot classic prone in HFT. They rest the stock on the ground, including the bottom of the butt pad. To do that you have to have the bottom of the butt pad low in comparison to the bottom of the pistol grip as the pistol grip can't touch the floor.

That really makes a mockery of having an expensive butt pad as it spends most of it's time sitting in the dirt and not in your shoulder.

The butt pad will be in different positions ( normally ) for prone, kneeling and standing. It should be high for prone, lower for kneelers and lower still for standers.

It seems mental to me that the sport now uses thousands of pounds worth of top end rifles and stocks and butt pads ... but the butt pad has to stay in the same position. When does standing firm by original rules slow the progress of a sport? I wonder how long it will be before the butt pad is allowed to be moved? I see that the rule has been changed so that ONLY the bottom of the butt pad can touch the ground and not the actual bottom of the butt of the stock. That will force more people to rest an expensive butt pad in the mud instead of having it where it is intended ... in the shoulder. You can't really say anymore that it's to keep a level playing field so people with basic rifles/stocks can compete. All the top guys will use top end rifles. It's bonkers that people fit butt pads worth hundreds of pounds so they can rest in the mud for most of the shots.

The other option would be to say the stock can't touch the ground ... but the local cardiology departments couldn't cope with that rule change.

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