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Originally Posted by Tench View Post
Alex, I have been looking at the 400 action with regards to the 12 ft/lb conversion, it is a simple one as far as 10m rifles go with no machining of the action necessary.
As for which model, I would always go for a wooden stock as it requires less heat to warm up than an alloy one, I know you have experience of alloy stocks so I suppose it comes down to your personal preference.

But I like this one!

That one is ambi with the cocking switchable to either side.

Simon ,
looks like you are going to be needing an lg300 reg ........if you are going to do a bolt on conversion , rather than make up your own system.

If so , get on to it quick , as judith billharz told Rob that walther prices are about to take a big hike .

That might go for rifles too .....Dunno
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