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Tugg you naughty boy, maybe next year you can turn out, take a day or two off work to set the course ?
We are out there rain or shine, from dawn till dusk for 2 or 3 days before you all turn up, I'm not even sure how we manage to shoot at all after the graft we have to put in, both physically & mentally over those 2 or 3 days (& that's not including the beers )
Like Andy & Greg state, we volunteer our time & do it for the shooters, not for our own gain, it takes a hell of a lot to set a whole course worthy of the world HFT status in two days, some targets get changed or moved even once we have set the course sometimes if we spot something a bit tricksy
Advantage ?? You only have to look at my scores last year, 57 on Gregs course which I'd not seen & 48 or something on the course I helped set out, some advantage that

Don't forget, then we have to take the course down while you are waiting for the scores or on your way home as well

So maybe consider the course setters in future, who, lets face it, you are basically accusing of being cheats ? Having an advantage over everyone else, yeah right

Look forward to seeing you next year to help set out...
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