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As someone who did their fair share of course setting in my younger days, I can see both sides. I was criticised, sometimes rightly, sometimes not, but I took it on board, and also complimented too, which is nice. If you are working like a donkey up to the night before you shoot, it will affect you, no question, unless you are P Coy fit like Kieran

I completely sympathise with Kieran and the gangs of lads who work to put the WHFTA courses together. It was perhaps slightly easier down by the lake back in the day as these were well used areas, but the move to the upper woods has meant the enormous task of initial and yearly clearing of dense undergrowth in a relatively unused area, a daunting and back breaking job before you can even think about setting a course.

Have a think about the work that went into the lane when you are hanging around before your shot. I know areas that I cleared at my own club left me shattered and soaked in sweat! Multiply that by 2 woods in the case of WHFTA.
Fair play and respect to Greg and Simmo and their volunteer helpers, never an easy job trying to put out 2 fair and well balanced courses in overgrown woods. Looking forward to the helicopter again this year.... NOT.
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