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and I agree with everything you say Kieran ,
I think Its fair to say I could have put m initial comment in a better way.

Ive only been doing this a few years but the first time I went to the worlds
I think the courses were set by Ian Bainbridge and sparky and dave lilywhite
,I realize
its not always possible to get the help needed for whatever reason.I didn't say I had all the answers.

its not like you can just draught people in ,the courses even since I've been shooting have got better, course setting has become an art form and a competition in itself.
I know a lot of course setters who take great pride in setting up courses .I've help dop and Vince from time to time and to say the devil is in the detail is an understatement .they will spend hours on just one target .
I know Greg and Simmo along with their volunteers will come up with 2 enjoyable and fair courses yet again and I suppose that is what is really important.
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