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Ok so I've being musing over the comments you've made Colin, I do to a tiny extent agree that in a completely ideal world course setters would just be course setters. However we don't live in an ideal world and the situation WE find ourselves in is that the whole Worlds event relies on willing volunteers for it be the success that it is. I use the term WE as I consider all that shoot these types of events in the pot together so to speak.

Now to stoke the fire. Without being derogatory to any shooters at all and I genuinely, sincerely mean not to offend anyone with what I say next. I honestly don't know of any "top shots" that have or are been intricately involved in setting the courses. So I really can't see the angle you are getting at, well I can sort of.

I'm guessing that you feel that by setting a course you gain a definitive advantage, in my experience this is not the case. However until events such as this are no longer run by willing volunteers who give up there time and in most cases substantial amounts of money to help set up/organise then this is how it is.

Also once again not meaning to be derogatory again, granted this is the World championships however people do need to remember the nature and attitude that is associated with our sport. In essence we are like minded people who shoot tin chickens in the woods, it is not life and death, no one dies if it goes wrong, it is a minority sport. True it is nice to do well but in my opinion this is a sport where die hard competitiveness doesn't belong.

Have a great two days shooting Colin and please remember the efforts that go into events like the worlds when you're pulling the trigger.
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