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Originally Posted by Scooby View Post
We don't organize events to be appreciated but it really fecks me off when people criticize the people who do put the extra effort in, especially when they do feck all to help the sport themselves.
This is how I feel about organizing and doing your bit. You are generally doing it out your own time for no reward or pay as such. But we dont do stuff like that for the reward, but when you get the negativity from folk that i have found will talk the talk very well, but shuffle backwards when confronted with walking the walk it does drag ya down a bit.

Would say to anybody that does do organizing and helps out - keep up the good work! The silent majority that appreciate it are often drowned out by the vocal minority, the empty vessels generally that like to rattle.

Screw em, and realise that most folk do appreciate the folk that go the extra mile to give something back into the sport.

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