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It's good to see someone putting the effort in.

What will they be like in bright sunshine with the sun from the shooters position? Will the lights be bright enough to be seen?

Will they take respraying time and time again? Do you respray them ( I suppose you have to in FT so they can be seen and ranged )?

Will people accept a target that doesn't actually physically fall over when hit?

Will clubs want to spend 60 x 40 targets to replace the knockover ones for FT clubs?

I think it would be interesting if the maker could develop a target that has two different sized kill zones. So something like a large kill and a smaller kill inside that. The target then indicates whether you've hit the plate, the large kill or the small kill.

This would mean you could have people of all levels shooting the same courses ( as is the case now ), but the lesser shooters would get points for the larger kill and the better shooters points for the smaller kill. So you wouldn't have the problem that you have now where you have to find a balance between easier and harder targets to satisfy all levels ( don't forget my 10% ).
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