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Originally Posted by Scooby View Post
Funnily enough Colin it's thinking like this that stopped me helping to organize the Worlds, in 2011 when I won I should have been ecstatic I instead had to walk away before I lost it:

On the last day I got called to a shooter who wanted to lay on his beanbag as he thought that target was unfair to a shorter shooter, when I pointed out that this wasn't allowed & they could put an official complaint to the organizing committee I was told we would just sweep it under the carpet.

On STB while most were congratulating me on the win, one person suggested that it was a shame the best shooters weren't allowed to compete with a level playing field. The day after the shoot I received an email from a Dutch shooter saying I shouldn't have been allowed to compete due to being an organizer.

Feck knows why I still bother to run the website & spend my time doing all the scores over the weekend
Pete ,
Your at the top coz your a good shooter, obviously you don't put out all all the national courses , don't let it bother you mate we know your the nuts , maybe its because some people spend a lot of their hard time and effort doing this that makes them a good shot , we all really appreciate the organizers efforts

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Steyr ?, maybe , they cant all be wrong?

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