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Originally Posted by RyanM View Post
I'm 99.9% sure I will be selling these at the above price. The 0.01% might be selling them cheaper, certainly no more.

Sourced from a very reliable source

If any board members wanted to organise a group buy and fancied a trip to Belfast to pick up a load, I'd be glad to oblige. Price picked up approx 55 per sleeve with an EXTRA 2% discount if not paying by card

Various batch numbers, to be published in the next few days.

Would be interested, but could you give us an indication how many sleeves you are potentially picking up ? or is it dependant on group/individual orders ?

Trying to figure out if someone will hog the whole lot, on a first come, first served basis...or if you will 'ration' them out at 'X" number of sleeves per individual ! (ie: have bought 10 sleeves on a regular am building up my stash...what with lead & commodity prices of metals going up...which I saw coming 9 months ago as I work in the financial sector )
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