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At the moment :

2pm-8pm Thurs/Fri
10am-5pm Sat/Sun

Leanne was going to open up especially for anyone wanting to check their guns out, but we didn't get much of a consensus on what day everyone wanted. We've had quite a few HFTer's coming in to set up during last week and a few tonight.

You can set targets out at all distances out to 45 yards and you can go prone and use a peg to practice off of as well if you like. It's almost as though someone set the range out specifically with HFT shooters in mind

Taking wind completely out of the equation, there's absolutely no doubt at all when you're setting up or checking which pellets group well and which don't, and it's handy to check if your head position is spot on and you're not getting any crossover or parallax error too.

Leanne's made some St Patricks day Guinness Chocolate cake as well, that I can recommend. Actually on second thoughts if there's any left over I get to scoff the lot, so erm.. yeah it's horrible, don't have any
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