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Originally Posted by TasiK View Post
I have a big nikko with a rowan 150mm wheel. Unfortunately the gap between 40 and 50 meters is too small. I'm looking for a biggest wheel for big nikko.

Maybe the asymmetric wheels can resolve this trouble because it has approx. 200 mm in its biggest sector.

Sorry for my terrible english level.

Don't worry about your English Tasik. What you need is a Shark Fin or Offset Wheel, these will give you bigger gaps as they are both usually about 180mm. I think you may find 200mm a bit too big as well as catching a lot of wind.

The gaps between 40yds and 50yds should be fine with 150mm it's always been 50yds to 55yds that's the problem.

A more expensive way to fix this is to buy a Sightron and enjoy the 8mm gap between 50yds and 55yds
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