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Hi there..

1st of all thanks for answers

Originally Posted by simmmo View Post
Have you cleaned the barrel?

The gun movement is the air jetting, a mfc with only vertical slots used to reduce this feeling on mine by pushing the barrel down as the air escaped upwards.

The barrel its clean. In the beginning i was a little lazy about cleaning the barrel. Only after about 500 pellets i do it, but know i do it after 300-350 pellets... I clean it first with a bits of soft tissue till they came out clean and after shot a few filters. Andy can you please send me a photo of you mfc

Originally Posted by Tench View Post
Another job on the list of things to do when a rifle doesn't group after cleaning the barrel is to replace the breech seal, a leaking breech will make a rifle shotgun! So try that next.
sorry in advance for the noobice but i don't think mine has a breech seal. I can't see any seal, in the outside at least

Originally Posted by Tench View Post
Try a muzzle flip compensator to divert the blast up and back to balance the forces.
i have the original airstriper, but with or without it the difference it's none. The recoil its the same.

Originally Posted by Tench View Post
Is it a faulty pressure sensor?
Do you know any test i can do to see if itīs from it?

Originally Posted by RobF View Post
But yes, playing with the brakes, there's a noticable difference on the flow of air that comes back off them with different setups (including but not exclusive to reg pressure)
Sorry for the noobice again, but what do you mean with "playing with the brakes"

Originally Posted by RobF View Post
...Recoil should show a vertical spread. Anything else and i'd be looking for loose things or leaking things.
The spread its vertical and horizontal. In 15 shoots i only make or call a group, a set of 6/8 pellets. All other are spread arround..

Originally Posted by blackscale View Post
Is battery fully charged?

Running higher power does dirty barrels quickly, so deffo worth cleaning!
Yes, usually i shoot in the range of 100% - 70% of battery capacity. Never let the battery level drop under 70%

Originally Posted by kassak View Post
You didn't mention 4.53's for your pellet testing, i'd give them a go if i was you first of all.
The 4.53 didnt try but will do

Originally Posted by kassak View Post
But most important check the barrel shroud, which the stripper joins on to & then screws on to the barrel is clear of the air cylinder. mine was'nt & was pressing down on the A Frame.
Sorry but did not understand what you mean, can you explain or perhaps with a pic maybe help. Dont know what its the "A frame"

I was thinking, if possible, if removing the shroud would not help on this matter..

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