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Originally Posted by DEAN C. View Post
Oy Mr BFTA Secretary....... I thought you were supposed to be impartial to all shooters instead of discriminating against us that shoot prone. Mind you on Saturday I could lie down but not get up, so I might have to take up shooting on a big fat cushion with the rest of you unfit yobs! No offence meant Paul.

Oh yeah, Brian beat me to it, but I always use 110mm when setting up for a different scope. Seems to work well but the trick is recognising what is a non fiddled with target. I dont use it much but bracketing is especially useful if you shoot any mixed events such as HFT or SFT mixed with FT shooters out to 55 yards. Its the extra 10 yards that give the FT shooters a real advantage when dialling in.
No offence intended my lovely, however 'unfit yobs' is a little harsh! I'll have you know I actually ran upstairs this afternoon, unfortunately, I could taste blood and could only hear my heartbeat for the next half hour but that's besides the point!

You keep threatening to buy a 'Bhudda Cushion' but I'm still waiting to see it! I hope your back feels better soon fella!
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