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Originally Posted by IvanM View Post
The last shoot at York was yet another great course and as usual terrific fun.

Congratulations to anyone who won anything.

For me the WL is the best shooting there is. The company and the banter is always terrific and the competition is always keen but never to the point where people get scrunty (well almost never )

Big thanks all the people who've work to put the courses out, all the people who book in and do admin etc., everyone who works on the website and does the numbers, the NEFTA committee and anyone else who contributes.

I'd also like to thank everyone I've shot round with for the company and the advice and everyone who I've exchanged good natured pi$$ takes with and anyone who I've exchanged a nod with. It really is the people that make it great.


Good points very well made Ivan, totally agree. Looking forward to the year ahead

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