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Originally Posted by nunofrancisco View Post
Great scopes the elites 4200 8-32! i didnt knew it was possible to convert them to mil dot, what would be the price +- of that?
No one has the replacement reticles anymore - I went through this a year or so ago. SCR, Opticswarehouse, USA, Germany, Finland.. you name it, I've sent them an email.

The story is the same from all of them - They used to do it, but don't have any more reticles left in stock and Bushnell (or anyone else for that matter) won't supply them.

Just for the record, I wanted it for FT - for windage reference points and also for holding over for the close targets to reduce the risk of going a turn out.

If you can find a 2nd hand one with mildots fitted - buy it.
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