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Originally Posted by Mordorf View Post
So with a ballistics app you enter specific configuration and it tells you exactly how many clicks etc.

So you have a target 52 yds away down hill at 27 degrees, air pressure and temperature and wind speed and direction set by phone.

The app will tell you exactly where to aim or set the turrets.

Baring in mind that for my configuration if I shoot a target at 51 yards that is level to me I set me scope to 65 clicks. For the same distance but downhill at 30 degrees it is only 49 clicks.

So as you can see a ballistics app could make a very big difference indeed.
Generally what is theory doesn't translate well into practical use. I once shot round with a American gentleman lugging a laptop and wind meter around Newbury. Before every shot he'd read the wind speed, update the range from his scope then transfer the settings to his scope that the program told him.
Not only did this take a silly amount of time, but ultimately it didn't work as he missed virtually every target over 45yds.
In short the best program/computer you can use is the one between your ears, it's fast and just needs practice to program.
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