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Question [Help needed] Daystate Panther Grouping

Hi there,

I own a daystate panther .177.

At 18 ft and after testing a lot of different pellets, the grouping was great at 55 yrs (about 2 cm) with pellet barracuda match 4.52.

I downgrade the power to 12 ft but now the grouping itīs not so great, in reality its bad. I read that if i remove the airstriper the problem go away. So i did it and notice a slight improvement but far away from grouping at 18 ft.

The consistency stills the same, about 3-6 fps from 200 bar to 110bar.

I tested again all the good pellets in the differents sub-caliber (4.50,4.51,4.52) JSB Exact/Express/Heavy/Rs HN/ RWS, AA, FX, Daystate. The best group i get its again with the barracuda match 4.52 but know the grouping itīs about 7cm. The closest grouping pellet itīs with FX.

I need your opinion on this matter.. How can i improve the grouping?
Im without ideas (unless get another barrel)

Another thing, the gun since the beginning, even when it was at 18 fp, as a litle recoil. Its not like a springer but you can feel the gun recoiling when you shoot. I always wonder why my PCP was recoil but never discover why.

If you can give me ideas to resolve this problems i appreciate a lot

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