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Originally Posted by dcj1 View Post
I always leave the house with two gun boxes - one empty, one with my rifle in. on my return if i have purchased a new rifle......... still only got two cases!!!!

I have to agree with luger...pure genius indeed !

I too, use similar military like tactics to confuse & deceive the 'enemy'

....I always load the back of the car with 2 or 3 gunbags and tell the wife am off to the shop to have them sorted out, serviced, or get new seals....obviously when I get home, there is always an extra gun bag that she wont notice ! ...and if she asks...I just say It was the gun that has come back from the factory ...LOL hahah !

NB: The trick is not to come back with a huge grin !....and so usually, I wait a couple of days for my excitement to abate, before I pull out the new gun in front of her as though Ive had the gun for yonks, to fiddle with as we watch the tele together ! hehe ! ;-)

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