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Originally Posted by AngliaUSA View Post

Speaking of cocking my gun .. is it legal for me to cock the rifle (but not load it) outside of the box and before my timer starts for the first shot ... thus saving me a few seconds ?

PCP's are already charged and ready to go prior to a shooter entering the box right .. why can't a springer be 'made ready' in the same manner.

Not trying to push the envelope .. just asking.

Absolutely no desire to get DQ'd through ignorance of the rules.

Stay well and continued safe shooting.

James B
No. The clock starts when you address the lane. That means doing everything to enable you to shoot it.

But aside from that I'm not sure why it would save you time anyway because you still have to open the breech to load it anyway. It's generally accepted that shooting springer isn't to be considered on par with the ease of shooting a Pcp. 3 mins is really a considerable amount of time when you get your routine running.
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