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Default Thank you Brian - for the clear, concise reply.

Got it loud and clear. So this rule will be rewritten ?.....

Single rifle sling

"" A sling used to carry the rifle or as a means of steadying the aim. Such a sling shall be attached to the rifle at a minimum of one and maximum of two points when a shot is taken. The sling may be unclipped from the rifle when not in use. ""

as per your advice and reply I'll try adding another quick connect to the cuff/bicep portion of the strap and see if I can handle the reduced time issue of FT shooting.

That way I can still leave the entire sling attached to the rifle .. but 'open' at the bicep connection point.

I already have to stroke the cocking arm twice for each shot on the rifle .... so trying to connect the cuff as well just might not be practical ....

My FT shot scenario is turning into a F1 pit stop .... just without a crew to help .. LOL

Speaking of cocking my gun .. is it legal for me to cock the rifle (but not load it) outside of the box and before my timer starts for the first shot ... thus saving me a few seconds ?

PCP's are already charged and ready to go prior to a shooter entering the box right .. why can't a springer be 'made ready' in the same manner.

Not trying to push the envelope .. just asking.

Absolutely no desire to get DQ'd through ignorance of the rules.

Stay well and continued safe shooting.

James B

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