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When swapping to right side loading there are a couple of things that need doing other than relocating the backing plate. Early actions left the probe protruding slightly into the magazine bay when in the cocked position, for this reason the back face of the single shot loader is slighty short of the full width of the loader, when reversed for right side operation this then creates a small gap the pellet has to traverse at the front on its way into the barrel, the brass insert in the loader can be pulled out and a longer one made or an oring used to space it out.

If you have the early action that parks the bolt slightly forward then that needs sorting too by reducing the top of the hammer engagement pin by half from round to a D shape with the flat on the front edge. This is how the later ones are allowing the bolt to park a little further back so you dont have to hold it back to insert or remove a magazine.

I don't know who thought having to hold the bolt back with one hand while holding the rifle with the other and inserting the mag with your other arm was a good idea!!! And it took me ages to convince them it needed changing!!
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