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Originally Posted by Tench View Post
A barrel I used for a couple of years went off on me telling me it wanted cleaning, pulled it through which I usually did every couple of weeks but it didn't come back, tried again and it was still not as it should be. So I put a few drops of carb cleaner down it and gave it a scrub with a nylon brush then pulled it through again, the muck that came out was quite surprising! and the barrel did return to being accurate. So there was something in there even a really tight pull through would not shift. I had to do that twice with that barrel during its term of office.
So if had a barrel that was not as accurate as I knew it could be after a normal clean it would get that treatment.
Originally Posted by Conor View Post
I think what can happen sometimes is that lead can get lodged and hardened into the rifling and more commonly in the choke area. This will result in fliers and needs a rid and brush to dislodge.
Doesn't happen often but it has and does happen.

All barrels are individually different also so what works for one may not do so for another. You've just got to 'know' it.
I think there's a lot of truth there gents.

I took an 11 year old (non Barley twist) barrel off my Steyr last year as i just couldn't get the groups to tighten up and stop the slight high flyers. I tried all sorts of cleaning before stopping at the VFG kit. i put on a new barrel and all was good again. At xmas i decided the get a brass brush and Autosol and brushed/polished the **** out of that barrel over a week period with the thinking that t couldn't make it any sod it. Then a mate thought he was having barrel problems so i lent him the brushed/polished barrel as a stop gap while his barrel went back to Steyr for checking. The feedback he gave me was that the barrel that i brushed was shooting great, nice tight groups and predictable wind movement. i got the barrel back and In the last few weeks i've put 500+ pellets through that old barrel and it's spot on.
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