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Originally Posted by blueboy View Post
Wondered what your views are on cleaning an air rifle barrel, I pulled the barrel through the other day and it has affected the accuracy, no if we go back a few years when you could get pellets made of lead, instead of the mix they put in today, that could be the reason why it affects some barrels, I did not seem to have this problem a few years ago, but more so now.

Lead has its own lub in the lead so it may not effect a lead pellet unlike the mix of today, see what this throughs up.
Most what's on the pull through will be graphite powder or whatever the company is using to stop the lead oxidising. You'll find some barrels like cleaning more than others, I had a EV2 that hated being cleaned while my FWB likes a clean every 200 shoots. Put five pellets down the gun and then pull through, it will still be filthy.

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