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Originally Posted by Rapido View Post
Just a remark: the excellent Dutch Hu-Ma regulator is available for Ultra in a version that is placed between air tube and rifle (replacing the orginal body part) - giving you an excellent adjustable regulator with no loss of air capacity (and giving you enough shots for a HFT competition)
Yes it is, the Huma reg is pretty much a copy of my own but the air res cannot be moved forward to make space for the regulator due to the gauge fitting through an hole in the stock on the SE version. So a section of the air res between the gauge and firing valve has to be removed to make space for the regulator which loses air capacity. Huub has made a new design of regulator body for the SE to simplify the installation but air capacity is still lost negating any increase is shot count so the only benefit on the this rifle would be a flattening of the already quite flat power curve.
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