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Years ago the original Springfield air rifle club was based just north of Brentwood. We had about 10 acres of grass field bordered by woods on one side and the back gardens of a row of upmarket houses on the other side.

We shot there quite happily for a couple of years until we decided to have a charity day in support of a local children's hospice. The day itself went well with all the kids having a great time and the local paper turned up to get the story and take photos.

Shortly after the story was published we were contacted by the local council about 'noise and environmental' concerns. They sent along an environmental officer complete with decibel meter and he spent a Sunday desperately trying to get a noise reading and asking when we were going to get the 'real' guns out.

Anyways long story short, we got shut down by the council as the nobs behind us had no idea we were there until they read about us in the paper and then they used their influence with the council.

Vespa, My point is that PCP's are so quiet in comparison to normal fire-arms that if you're more than a few hundred yards away you will hear nothing, not even a pop. If you're hearing gunshots from a mile then they are from firearms be it rough shooters or shotguns, but you are 100% not hearing the shooting at Dowry hill with air rifles.
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