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The BSA ultra in its original guise had quite a bad power curve, it benefited greatly from the fitting of a regulator. Here is a graph showing the shot strings from before and after fitting one of my regs.

This rifle was a .22, the .177 did about 60-65 shots once fitted with a reg.

The SE does not benefit the same as it not only has a smaller air capacity but because of the gauge when a reg is fitted air capacity is lost so any additional shots created by better efficiency are lost again to the smaller air res volume. But on the plus side the valving in the SE is much better and the power curve much flatter so the need to regulate this model is less too. A much better option on the Ultra SE is to just fit a longer air tube or spend the money upgrading to a Scorpion SE.

I have a few air tubes, but this again causes problems with the need for a silencer small enough in dia to allow the air tube to go underneath it or the fitting of a shroud. So unless you are very attached to your ultra and determined to spend on it it is better to upgrade to a larger air capacity rifle if this one does not give you enough shots.
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