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Originally Posted by Forestgrump View Post
Been shooting Hft with R10 combined with Hawke 4-12x50 Panarama, but now trying my hand at Ft, what scope would you recommend, I can't see past the problems of non adjustable stock and no hampster.
Any advice would be welcome wouldn't want to spend money on scope if it proved better to put cash towards say an AA S400 Mpr etc.
I don't shoot FT but perhaps the following comments prove useful:-

Scope for FT is used for range finding so exactly the opposite of HFT, something like 60 mag and narrow depth of field so 50+ objective lens, I guess what I am saying is your current scope is not optimum, so whichever route you take a scope change is required.

If you think your current R10 is accurate enough it needs an adjustable cheekpiece and butt plate ( this is true for HFT also as for rifle fit) both of which can be done to your current stock by a competent person. The cost for this stock conversion should be approx 80 ish.

Your HFT shooting would improve with stock mods anyway.

Your biggest investment either way is probably the scope.

Hope this helps, just my view tho.
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