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Arrow World FT Championships 2009 South Africa

Ok, so who's going?

There's a website here... Link

There is also a useful forum here

I have stolen their FAQ from their site, to make life a little easier here

There's a contact list on the site as well. So far so good...
  • When will the 2009 Field Target World Championships take place?

    25 – 27 September 2009

  • What can we expect of the weather?

    September is Spring in South Africa. You could expect temperatures between 8 – 26ºC with possible afternoon thunder storms. It is advised to apply sunscreen during the day.

  • Where will the Championships be held?

    A venue within the Tshwane municipal boundaries (Pretoria - Gauteng Province) will be identified for the Championships.

  • Do I need a permit to bring my rifle into South Africa?

    No. South Africans are currently not required to license their .177 or .20 air rifles. Visitors from abroad enjoy the same privilege. Be sure to have your rifle’s serial number handy at customs. Note that any air rifle of .22 cal or more would need an import permit.

  • Will public transport be available from the airport?

    Yes, but it is not advised to use mini-bus taxis. If you make your trip’s reservations through a travel agent, be sure to specify that you would need transport from and to the airport. Alternatively you can hire a vehicle at the airport for the duration of your stay.

  • How expensive is food in South Africa?

    To compare prices for example: a 500ml bottle of water can cost you R5.00; a can of tuna can cost you R10.00; a loaf of bread can cost you R7.00; a standard beer can cost you R15.00 in a restaurant. Feel free to contact any of the Worlds Committee members for more information.

  • Is it safe to drink water from a tap?

    Yes. The areas around the venue of the Championships mostly have safe water, but it is suggested to drink bottled water if you are sensitive to changes in your diet. Water from the tap is safe to boil for coffee / tea.

  • What currency must I use in South Africa?

    South African Rand is the only currency accepted. Most shops, restaurants, accommodations accept credit cards (Visa and MasterCard). You are able to exchange your currency at the International Airport and most banks in South Africa who have a foreign exchange branch. South Africa does not have “money stalls” where cash can be exchanged.

  • Will I get Malaria if a mosquito bites me?

    No. Pretoria and the whole Gauteng Province is completely Malaria-free. Be sure to apply a mosquito repellent though, as a mosquito bite can be very irritating.

  • Which destination airport do I fly to ?

    OR Tambo International Airport - Johannesburg.

  • What is the entry fee ?

    ZAR500 per individual
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