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I think you've misunderstood me Val.

On a still day (usually Sundays) I can hear gunfire from where I live in Glenfield - nothing major, just regular "pops" when you've got an event on. If its windy then not so much. I know that some people have called the police regarding "hearing gunfire" and are told its nothing to be concerned about.

As far as I know its not an issue for anyone (apart from busybodies) given how infrequently you have events on.

The point I was trying (and obviously failing) to make was that if your club was starting from scratch in the same location then there's absolutely no way you'd get planning permission for rimfire activities. You'd probably struggle to get planning permission for air rifles. Quite apart from how close to Groby you now are, you're right next to a public carpark for Groby pool which would be an adverse factor too.

Different times, just as well you've been established a fair old while

Oh and I keep meaning to come over and join but I keep missing John's safety inductions
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