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Default TX200 Scope and mount.

I tried various permutations yesterday of scope position and eye relief.

As Adam correctly alluded to; when I pulled the scope back to clear the beartrap I run out of eye relief and the butt wasn't shouldered.

In the end, I took off the scope AO cover - (it was a thick rubber thing of 65mm diameter) and moved the scope forward to give me correct eye relief/shoulder whilst still having enough room to get a pellet in. It can be a bit fiddly with cold fingers.

I've tried uploading .jpegs but the file size is greater than 400kb so no go.

At the moment, I'm doing bench rest target shooting out to 40m and hope to get into FT/HFT.

The TX200 is a far cry from the Webley's and Diana's I grew up with and am still amazed at it's accuracy.

Adam is right.... I got the Richter "to get me going" but there are better scopes to be had for not a lot more money. Harrogate show is coming up and I'll be a bit more careful with my scope choice.
Thanks each for the information. I'm learning quickly!

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