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Originally Posted by Exbeard View Post
Thanks for the input. It would be in West Midlands region. There seems a real lack of centrefire ranges in the area in particular. I assume I would have to gain permission from local authorities and police.
How far away from existing properties is the land?

FAC approval on the planning is going to require that to be a lot further than you'd think.

I live about a mile as the crow flies from the Dowry Hill (Groby) rifle club. There's a feeder road onto the M1 between us so its not exactly "quiet".

Suffice it to say that I can hear a lot of the weekend events there - whether "real" firearms or airguns.

The club has existed since the 1930s but there's no way they'd get planning permission for even an external airgun range now (if it was a greenfield site) due to noise complaints.

Best of luck.
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