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I am not trying to put you off but to give you an idea of costs
a decent clay trap will cost you 1000 and you will need around 10 minimum plus shooting cages , ect
secure storage ,shipping container ect, clays which will come at around 500 a pallet of 8000 depending who you go to, safety officer training courses , insurance will be around 1000 per year
you will need a fallout zone of 300 mtrs around you land for shot and will need written permission from any neighbors allowing you to possibly drop shot on their land
part of you planing application will probably require a noise check which will be over 1000 (2007 prices )

plus other odds and sods so budget minimum 15,000 just to start your sporting clays side

for the FAC side , you will need to install banks and backstops to home office regs and get them approved plus have qualified range conducting officers ect , again contact small bore rifle association for more details

are you thinking of running it full time or just weekends , have you got a very thick skin as you will need it

I wish you all the best and hope you take my comments in the way they are intended
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