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Default Hope this topic didn't offend anyone

Thanks for all the advice, I feel a little like I have been reprimanded by starting the topic so I apologise if some took offense in any way.

I shall not mention to anyone in future about my next purchase idea as it did seem to open a can of worms.

I had a gut instinct owning an ISP would not be a problem from the off, no idea why I asked now but some comments have helped me decide anyway. Staying on course as planned to get the ISP.

If work pans out I shall put my order in over the next two weeks, time to get some ideas together I guess then a long chat with Shaun will be on the cards.

As my lad (think you saw him shooting Simmmo) is doing pretty well so far this will also be a long term investment for him as he's already after the FTP.

Now to decide exactly how I want it looking

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