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Assuming your scope is currently at the optimum eye relief position for you then moving it back to make loading easier is only going to compromise your shooting in some way. Incorrect eye relief or forcing yourself into an unnatural position aren't ideal.

If that is the case then higher mounts, riser blocks, or a smaller objective scope are your options. Note that a sidewheel or fixed mag scope of the same 50mm objective will be a few mm narrower than an AO. If you're looking at a new scope, worth asking if you need 50mm? Good glass gives a better image than a big lens, and a larger lens gives you a smaller depth of field. Smaller DoF is good for FT rangefinding, not as good for other uses.

Higher mounts will give you aim points closer together at longer range than your zero, at the expense of further apart aim points at closer ranges. Another thing to consider is one downside of higher mounts might be that your cheek is no longer contacting the cheekpiece as closely. This can be important with a fixed stock like the TX.
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