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Originally Posted by Ewan View Post
I have had a few people trying to dissuade me from buying one now, the main thing that keeps coming up is repairs & whether I want to be sending my new rifle off for repairs every month or so, considering I only get to shoot at weekends & if I could do this every once in a while. I was also advised no one else could work on them so back to base would be the only option.

I don't know enough about the reliability of an ISP but thought it would be on par with pretty much other high end rifles. Do they really have problems that easily ?
Not sure who's been advising you about ISP reliability but they have no idea if they think it'll need to be repaired very couple of months. I've had my ISP for just coming up for 2 years and it's never missed a beat, I still get about 3fps spread over as many shots as I care to put over the chrono and it's far more accurate than I can shoot. I got it second hand so had a service as a precaution which took 2 days and 50 and it came back with a load of internals upgraded to later designs. Shaun is one of the nicest people you could meet, takes absolute pride in his work and really knows what he's doing. They do go wrong now and again, usually due to an o ring going hard, but I see more problems with Steyrs, Daystates and FTP's.

Monkey is correct about the ease of servicing them and that Shaun is keen for us to do our own maintenance, if someone genuinely has an unreliable ISP the chances are they took it apart themselves using mole grips and a hammer in a box full of sand and put it back together using the cheapest o rings they could find on ebay.

Not sure what comes in the current standard package but the air receiver and barrel shroud are both titanium making the rifle very light at the front. You should be able to choose what colour anodising you want on the alloy and whether you want the titanium polished or blasted.

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