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Originally Posted by john0neuk View Post
Hi Ewan
I have been fortunate to own 2 ISP's recently and still have a tm1000! in short both are built very well. The ISP is built to order with love and no degree of skill, they are ultimately exclusive with only something like 25 or 30 in the world to date. I believe that if and thats a big if they had a major issue you would not get better support anywhere. The TM1000 is production built and as such a different proposition but again built extremely well, very robust and as Neil states, over engineered, and shoots as well if not better than most.
I personally you couldnt go far wrong with either. Also if you can afford both then go for it. You could always get the tm while waiting for Shaun to do his stuff, then dual run and decide which to keep, or again just keep both.
Mine are in my gallery if you want to check them out. I found one of my ISP's harder to shoot than the other or the TM but as Neil says it did need a service and a bit of time invested to get to know it.
Already looked at your album a while ago & was loving both rifles, my kind of toys
Stunning pieces of kit they are too.

With your TM1000 John was the barrel a change done by yourself or did they custom that part for you ?
The stock looks a lot neater in your photos than on the suppliers website to be fair, nice finish.

Would you know the weight of that set up John by any chance.

The ISP, slick, very very nice now I am leaning over again.
I take it the action was anodised John ?
Love that OxPower Grey colour, I see you go through quite a lot of rifles John, most of which I would love to own btw, how is the FTP doing ? Interested as mine shoots spot on with no probs since the first reg issue.

Thanks for your input btw, all this advice is steering me there slowly

Originally Posted by Ceathreamhnan View Post
I think he's the owner of two ISPs, one of which 'had to go back' [/QUOTE

Thing is if they do go home they come back quicker than most, like their lock time, especially the newer ones.

I admit I Monkey Ucked one early on, since then Shaun has helped me to the point where there is no servicing issue I don't feel capable of rectifying myself. Thats why I bought another. If you want a custom rifle and you want someone to implement your ideas or tell you they are flawed then ISP air rifles are unparralleled. Shoot stock by all means I will shoot what I desire. Look at your glass and the way you use that rather than the pellet launcher. I suspect the target aimer more than the weapon is to blame.


And yes Ewan I was the bloke at round 7 missing everything.
With the custom side of things would Shaun be fine doing things over the phone as I live on the South coast getting time from work to go up that end of the country would be slim.

Your MK3 No24 who is the stock by ?

Maybe I made the wrong choice in scopes then, my Hawke 4-16x50 has half Mil Dots which I find a real plus, glass is very good as is ret, learned my aim points for both rifles but maybe I should have looked through more options

One thing I do like is the cylinder / barrel being the same length, small deciding point but nonetheless important to me, the TM1000 barrel is a fair bit longer than cylinder and quite a bit thinner it appears.

With Shauns 'standard' price of 1250 what would I expect to get for that ie anodised metalwork, high end trigger as I must confess I don't know much about either. I like your short barrel & I understand (if It's the same rifle) that you supplied it but if I liked a similar style can Shaun take care of it for me or do I end up supplying parts.

Sorry for all the questions guys I know I must be a pain

Leaning more towards the ISP but some serious saving for a good stock will be warranted I think to produce the rifle I am after.

Thanks for taking the time to help me out, much appreciated.

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