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Originally Posted by what barn door View Post
Apologies if this is slightly off topic but.....

Is it possible to buy/fit a bolt with no stabilising parts and thus make the stabiliser redundant.

Of course I realise this will lose the effect that the stabiliser has in deading the gun.

Pre-empting those asking why would I want to do that; My own gun is very dead to shoot now the satbiliser is set up. But during the process I did wonder how much, more likely the gun is to having a failure with such complex things going on, such as;

The angles on the TP and the bolt, any burr there will cause no end of trouble and possibly damage the seal. These of course would still be needed, but a single piece of metal rather than a collection of parts.

The amount of extra air/pressure needed to activate the release sear, which in turn means winding the hammer spring up a touch more than might be needed etc.

The possibility of inconsistancy do to wear in the sear, pin or stabiliser port, friction of the stabiliser etc.

Finally, I was just thinking out loud, so nothing too serious. I have resigned myself to the fact that it will take many years to improve my shooting, but maybe only hours to improve my gun.
Yep, i've got a newish one kicking about that has a roller bearing fitted. It has no cut out for the stabiliser and i think came of one of the first HP's that Steyr brought into the country. Drop me a PM if you fancy it.
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