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Originally Posted by Ewan View Post
Cheers guys,

If I don't ask I would never get the 'real' advice now would I

If Simmmo was at SHS round 7 then I am guessing it's the guy we were shooting next to, or maybe not

Well im still saving away then guys, all those pennies soon add up & being stacked out at work does push things along a little.

Advice has been welcome guys, thanks.

Hi Ewan
I have been fortunate to own 2 ISP's recently and still have a tm1000! in short both are built very well. The ISP is built to order with love and no degree of skill, they are ultimately exclusive with only something like 25 or 30 in the world to date. I believe that if and thats a big if they had a major issue you would not get better support anywhere. The TM1000 is production built and as such a different proposition but again built extremely well, very robust and as Neil states, over engineered, and shoots as well if not better than most.
I personally you couldnt go far wrong with either. Also if you can afford both then go for it. You could always get the tm while waiting for Shaun to do his stuff, then dual run and decide which to keep, or again just keep both.
Mine are in my gallery if you want to check them out. I found one of my ISP's harder to shoot than the other or the TM but as Neil says it did need a service and a bit of time invested to get to know it.
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